QUIET…I’m a blooming orchid (book review of Susan Cain’s “Quiet”)

I said my next post was going to be a book review and I wasn’t half wrong. But first, story time: Continue reading “QUIET…I’m a blooming orchid (book review of Susan Cain’s “Quiet”)”


Are we all just tortured geniuses?

A while back I watched a movie about a child mathematic prodigy called “Gifted”. It follows the tragic story of a tortured genius and her desire to have her also genius daughter lead a normal, happy life. It got me thinking Continue reading “Are we all just tortured geniuses?”

Good Food & Wine Show 2017

My first attendance of the Good Food and Wine Show was quite an experience! I like food, but my interest is limited to eating. I’m not a foodie, I don’t know all the terms, I don’t know all the famous chefs, BUT…I know who Marco Pierre White is, cause I like watching Masterchef Australia, and I know who Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen is cause he was on Suzelle DIY once… Continue reading “Good Food & Wine Show 2017”