Overthinking mind thinks about health…in a nutshell

Let me set the tone…it’s a Saturday morning. I woke up, made coffee, went back to bed and just chillaxed, watching light come back into the world through the drawn curtains while drinking my coffee and listening to some good old Enya. I enjoyed this for several moments before my mind started to wander. Like many others I have this nasty habit of over-thinking everything. Continue reading “Overthinking mind thinks about health…in a nutshell”

I almost did something illegal…

So this is a first in a series of 3, maybe 4 blog posts to document my recent field trips as part of my PhD. These trips were planned to use pitfall traps to catch ants, which will be used as a proxy for biodiversity assessments, and collect soils for nutrient analyses to contrast these across two nichés in the landscape – the normal matrix niché, and the heuweltjie (raised patches with unique plant communities compared to the matrix and associated with termite mounds). So follow me on this journey if you dare… Continue reading “I almost did something illegal…”