Spontaneous creativity

Creativity. We all have some measure of this individually subjective expression of beauty. I saw a TED video once (and I do realize a lot of my inspired writing comes from TED talks, so sue me) by the author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert titled “Your elusive creative genius”.


I woke up today with a MASSIVE headache. I was bed ridden until a Whatsapp conversation with a friend got me thinking, and I started to do a bit of creative writing…and you know what? I felt a massive amount pain relief! It might have been the medication I took earlier, but I like to think this somewhat philosophical creative endeavor was growing in my brain and putting pressure on my skull  causing a headache, almost like a tumor, and when it came out I felt immediate relief. I also blame recent exposure to the concept of physical manifestations of mental and emotional issues.

giphy (2).gif

Gilbert also mentions the stereotypical assignation of mental instability in highly creative people, which contrasts my idea above, and I quote Gilbert; “creativity and suffering are inherently linked. And that artistry in the end will always, ultimately lead to anguish”.  She continues to discuss the idea of, what I know as the historic muses (daemons, geniuses etc.) and how the responsibility of creativity rest not only on the shoulders of the poor, tortured artist but also partly on the “divine cock-eyed genius assigned to your case”. What I also liked was the idea that a particularly good performance or piece of art, creativity, or simple goodness  can be seen as “a glimpse of God”.


The appreciation, expression and interpretation of creativity and art in any way, shape or form is very much a subjective experience unique to each of us. Some may feel creativity as a physical disturbance until you let it out, some see it as inspiration from the divine, while others might see it as simple psychological self-expression. It is also true one person may experience all of these (and more that I haven’t even fathomed at) depending on where they are physically or what phase of life, and also their state of mind. What are your ideas on creativity and expression thereof? Where does it come from? How does it work?

That’s it from me though. Now I will go sleep off the last remainder of this headache. Hope you’re all well and happy,

All my best, Chopper


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