Good Food & Wine Show 2017

My first attendance of the Good Food and Wine Show was quite an experience! I like food, but my interest is limited to eating. I’m not a foodie, I don’t know all the terms, I don’t know all the famous chefs, BUT…I know who Marco Pierre White is, cause I like watching Masterchef Australia, and I know who Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen is cause he was on Suzelle DIY once…


That being said I was a little overwhelmed with all the options! The visitors guide was very helpful in showing you where all the stalls were, however I would have liked a small breakdown of what they sell as well. Some of the names were very cool and clever, but I had no idea what they sell and I would have liked to plan my tasting out better, especially since seating was very limited…something to work on in future GFWS organizers *hint hint*

So I trekked my way through the crowd trying to get a glimpse of the goods and menus of each stall. I had a meal and dessert for breakfast and lunch, and then for dinner I paired my dinner with various wines. I am not a wine fan, but when in Rome hey. I tasted several wines and, though I could single out two red wines, one from Van Loveren Wines and another from Robin Hood Legendary Wines, that were not horrible. But I still don’t like wine.

It was a good experience and I’m glad I went! I would have liked for a clearer layout of the food stalls among the product and promotional stalls, and seating. I sat on the floor a couple times and just outside one of the exits there were, for a time, some tables and chairs – but then you would go through the whole schlep of trying to get back in.

Will I go again? Sure, but I have conditions. I will wait for day 2, and get the scoop from someone first. Next time I would like to see more details of the cuisine in the info booklet, better distribution of food stalls, and better seating arrangements. Sadly I misplaced my info guide and cannot remember all the names of stalls that stood out to me. But I will comment on some of the food I ate and tasted from samples; I had some really fantastic Italian food, some mediocre weird wraps, delicious ice cream (I am bias, I love all ice cream), amazing brownies, good German meats, interesting flavours of Turkish delights, some spicy sauces that made my eyes water from smell alone, a staple at any fair or market being sweet nuts, and then the wine. Vendors were very liberal with wine samples!

Overall I think it was a great experience and a wonderful way to market. I would definitely go again if I had a better idea, even beforehand, of what type of cuisine I could expect and of course if there is a significant attraction. If you’re a wine lover though, I expect this is what you imagine Heaven will be like!

Did any of you attend? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments or drop a mail. Be sure to like the new Facebook page and follow me in Twitter and Instagram.

Have an AWESOME life!


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