Between the raindrops

The title is just the name of a not too bad song by Lifehouse and Natasha Bedingfield. You can check it out here. I thought it an appropriate title as we in Cape Town are quite literally living from raindrop to raindrop at the moment. And that’s my segway.

So It all started when I went to my doctor

Doctor: What seems to be the problem?
Me: I think my stomach ulcer is acting up, but it feels different, like cramps.
Doctor: Here’s a prescription, now let’s take some blood and run some tests.

Gulped the meds down with tap water, like I always do, went on drinking my daily 2 litres of tap water like always, but it didn’t help. Test results came back and I am not dying of some rare jungle disease. But as time went on I realized it’s obviously the tap water! With the dam levels so low our tap water quality has been compromised and that’s why I’m cramping so bad! So needless to say I am on bottled water now.

So here’s an interesting question: why do we have a water shortage? Climate change plays a major role for sure, but there’s something else that boggles my mind:

1) The scientific law of the conservation of mass states that mattered cannot be created or destroyed, right?

2) On average the human body consists of 60% water. Still with me?

3) World population of 7.5 billion people at the time of posting this, increasing at an annual rate of 1.11%. That’s approximately 83 million people a year!

You do the math…

Humanity takes up SO MUCH WATER, not just for our use in industry and consumption, but by merely existing. By existing it means that 60% of our body is a water that must consistently be maintained within the body and is no longer available to the world. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. If you consider water as a fixed quantity (yes I know there are so many chemical things I don’t want to get into now, it’s the principle of the matter), it means simply by existing we’re wasting water?

We can’t deny we’re the main source of global warming. But now add to insult the fact that we reproduce and increase at such an alarming rate while other species go extinct in our wake…That’s my monthly dose of cynicism, pessimism and negativity done. Sorry if I’ve irked anyone

For those in the Western Cape you can visit the City of Cape Town website to get informed on how you can save water during this time of drought.

Here’s to hoping for rain!

Have an AWESOME life guys!

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